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HuManatee (2021)

human misbehavior that has caused severe damage to manatees.The major threats to manatees in Florida are propeller cuts and impacts from watercraft collisions. Most manatees in the water have survived collisions with boats; they carry scars on their backs or tails. 
Jellyfish find out that reckless boat drivers in Florida cause the manatees' injuries. Jellyfish provide light barriers between the manatees and the boat to protect their friends.
Composer : Jiwon Jeon

Music Score & Sound mixer : Byungseok Beau Lee
Sound Designer : Sunglae Park
Director : Sea Jin Park

Platinum Remi Award
2021 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival
Semi-Finalist 2021 Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival
Official Selection 2021 Cinequest Film & VR Festival (CQFF)
Official Selection 2021 Montreal Festival du nouveau cinema 50th Edition
Official Selection 2021 Warsaw International Film Festival 37th Edition
Official Selection 2021 St. Louis International Film Festival 30th Edition
Official Selection 2021 Chicago International Children's Film Festival 38th Edition (CICFF)
Official Selection 2021 Copenhagen Short Film Festival 9th Edition
Official Selection 2021 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF)

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