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Beautiful Struggle (2021)
Life is a full of solitude and hardship. Endures days and days, it piles up every day. Those days tries to devour me. I struggle to survive every day.
Desperate, but beautiful struggle.
All Works Composed by Jiwon Jeon
Conductor : Jiwon Jeon
Voice : Song Yi Jeon
Piano : Seulah Noh
Violin I : Jaewon Wee
Violin II : Chaewon Kim
Viola : Hye Min Choi
Cello : Hyun-Ji Kwon
Recording Engineer : Daniel Somaroo, Woojin Ahn, Tre Espinoza, Mauricio Bernal-Morales
Mixing & Mastering Engineer : Byungseok Beau Lee
Album Cover Artist : Jungkee Son
Project Manager : Yoonseo Kim
Commissioned work. Exhibited at “The Yellow Bass” at Seoul (2021)

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